National Conference “The Perpetrator or the Victim?”

The National Conference „The Perpetrator or the Victim?”, organized by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy within the National Programme on Preventing Domestic Violence, financed from the Fund for Bilateral Relations under the EEA and Norway grants, was held on 14-15 October in Warsaw.

The conference focused on programmes addressed to perpetrators of domestic violence. Representatives of the Polish and Norwegian Ministries, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway, representatives of the Council of Europe and NGOs Alternative to Violence and Conexus participated in the event. Moreover a large number of organisations and institutions involved in the prevention of domestic violence at the central, as well as regional and local levels, participated in the event.  Polish experts had an opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience with their colleagues from abroad. As a result, the conference will contribute to strengthening bilateral cooperation.

Ambassador Klepsvik’s speach at the domestic violence conference